Study finds only 1/3 of 5,000 fisheries assessed were fished at level allowing for recovery

A marine research ecologist at Dalhousie University says a new study is further proof we need to change the way we manage fisheries around the world.

“If you fish these stocks the exact same way you’re fishing them now and you keep that up, then indeed we will face in 30 years or so a world where according to this study almost 90 percent of stocks are depleted,” Boris Worm told CBC’s Mainstreet.

The study, published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows while there are improvements in some areas of the world, the average state of fish stocks is poor and declining. Worm wrote a commentary on the study that will be published next month.

Of close to 5,000 fisheries assessed, only one third remained at a biomass target that supports maximum productivity. Two thirds have slipped below that threshold.

Even more concerning, Worm says, is the finding that only one third of stocks are currently fished at a level that would allow for recovery.



By Bob Murphy, CBC NewsApr 05, 2016

Feature image: Photo credit Samsul Said/Rueters

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