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UNIBE University in Punta Cana teaches nereida’s educational material

María Sánchez de Mora, Academic Coordinator, UNIBE University and Felipe Beltran, Ecoservices Dominicana, Environmental Studies Instructor. UNIBE university in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic has incorporated nereida’s series of PowerPoint presentations on the oceans into its mandatory Environmental Studies course for first year students.



Students in the Dominican Republic learn about plastic in our oceans.

Science students at Calansanz high school in Pueblo Bavaro.


Calansanz students recycle their plastic and also used plastic waste to create artwork on the wall surrounding their school.



Ecoservices Dominicana utilize nereida educational material to teach students about plastic in the oceans as part of their Responsible Ecotourism Foundation.  Photo: Filipe Beltran, Anigeisy Cubilete R., Terry Wheat, Ecoservices Dominicana