Melaque mayors take actions to reduce plastic going into the ocean

The current and former mayors of Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico: Rosa Evelia Vidrio and Adrián Herrera Álvarez.

Following a presentation to local government officials in 2014 about the impacts of plastic debris, the then mayor of Melaque, Adrián Herrera Álvarez, undertook several initiatives to reduce the amount of plastic going into the oceans from litter on the Melaque beach. These included: placing garbage cans at the end of every street that abuts the beach, increasing the number of recyling collection sites in the town, sending notices to owners of restaurant and residential homes and businesses to remind them that they are legally responsible for cleaning the beaches all the way to the water line (most cleanup was only being done in front of their establishments), holding events to raise awareness about the plastic in the oceans, and beach cleanups.

This has resulted in a very substantial decrease in the amount of plastic on Melaque’s beach and thus the amount going into the ocean.  However, this situation changes dramatically when tourists from other parts of Mexico come to Melaque for holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and holiday weekends.  During that time a significant amount of plastic debris is littered along or near the waterline.  Therefore, much more needs to be done to eradicate plastic debris.

The new mayor of Melaque, Rosa Evelia Vidrio, who started her three year term in March, 2016, is enthusiastic about continuing to improve the plastic debris situation in Melaque.


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